Genetic and Rare Diseases Health Professional Register

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Rare disease specialists can also be rare. GUARD is continuing to collate a list of Health Professionals with specialised knowledge and experience in rare and genetic diseases.

Use of the Register by Health Professionals

This register can encourage collaboration, a multidisciplinary approach and be a valuable resource for Health Professionals caring for people with rare and genetic diseases.

Many of the Register members have indicated they are happy to be contacted by other Health Professionals.

Use of the Register by Consumers

Direct contact of Medical Specialists listed within the register is not the intent of the register.  If consumers find information relevant to their condition on the register, they can provide their GP with the Medical Specialist contact details.

To join the register, please complete the survey

The survey remains open and can be accessed by the link below. Please feel free to distribute the survey link to colleagues. 

Any queries or feedback, please email GUARD via


We are always looking to add health professionals and researchers

  • Looking for a particular health professional or researcher that is not on our register?
  • Know a health professional or researcher that may be interested in joining the register?

Please email GUARD via and we will send them the survey.

Looking for a particular condition that is not listed?

Please email GUARD via and we will aim to identify and approach clinicians and researchers to join the register.