Dr Scott Wilson



Job Title Renal Physician
Organisation Name Alfred Health, Vic
Areas of Special Interest

Fibromuscular Dysplasia
Renal TSC / LAM
(TSC – Tuberous Sclerosis Complex; LAM – Lymphangioleiomyomatosis)

Adults or Children Adults
Telehealth consults May be available
Telehealth Information Pending - please contact for details
Transitional Planning – Paediatric to adult services Available
Transitional Planning Information Liaison with paediatric centre / shared care transition on a case-by-case basis
Phone 03 9076 2580

Dr Scott Wilson

is prepared to be contacted by other Health Professionals
Additional Clinical Information

Clinical Information
Optimising the care of people with FMD
Information for Patients

What is Fibromuscular Dysplasia?

Kidneys – tuberous sclerosis complex

European Reference Networks (ERNs)

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