Dr Ryan Davis


Biomedical Researcher

Job Title NSW Health EMC Fellow
Organisation Name Kolling Institute, University of Sydney and Royal North Shore Hospital, NSW
Areas of Special Interest

Mitochondrial Diseases

Research relating to areas of special interest

Whole Genome Sequencing
Mitochondrial Disease Research

Adults or Children Adults
Telehealth consults Not available


Dr Ryan Davis

is prepared to be contacted by Medical Practitioners and other Health Professionals
Additional Clinical Information

Clinical Information
Mitochondrial Disease Information Booklet for Medical Practitioners
Information for Patients
Mitochondrial disease medical information
Mitochondrial myopathy

European Reference Networks (ERNs)

ERNs are networks for clinicians and researchers to share expertise, knowledge and resources, this information may be of use to Australian health professionals and researchers.

Related Clinical Registries

Australian Mitochondrial Disease Patient Registry

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