Australian Mitochondrial Disease Patient Registry


The Mito Registry is a computerised system that will contain limited information about people suffering from mitochondrial disease (mito). The Mito Registry will aid diagnosis and track the incidence of mito.

Why is it needed?

Currently, no one in Australia has a complete understanding of the number of people with mito, what type of mito they may have, who they are and how to contact them. This is where the Mito Registry comes in.

Additionally, the Mito Registry enables Mito Foundation to connect people impacted by mito with research studies and clinical trials to ensuring the mito community benefits from the latest developments in mito medicines and treatment.

Registry Location Australia
Registry Participation Voluntary
Registry Contact
Mito Foundation Helpline

T: 1300 977 180 (option 1)


Adding New Patients to Registry

Refer to the website for details on how to register.

Patients can self-register.

Please see the website for more information registry