Australian Motor Neurone Disease Registry


The Australian Motor Neurone Disease Registry is a de-identified disease based registry that facilitates the collection and storage of Motor Neurone Disease data. It includes information such as patient demographics, site of onset of disease, diagnosis date, treatment type, changes in disease, complications related to disease progression and the impact of new treatments and interventions for Motor Neurone Disease.

The main registry goals are:

  • To improve patient care
  • Continuously evaluate patient management
  • Improve the understanding of MND/ALS
  • Form significant scientific research collaborations


Registry Location Australia
Registry Participation Voluntary
Registry Contact

If you would like to find out more about the MND Registry or have concerns about its functioning, please contact the Chair of the Steering Committee.

T: 03 4215 0713

Adding New Patients to Registry

Details on how to particpate in the registry can be found here:

Please see the website for more information