Australian New Zealand Clinical Trials Registry


The ANZCTR is an online public registry of clinical trials, held at the NHMRC Clinical Trials Centre, University of Sydney. It is a Primary Registry in the World Health Organization (WHO) Registry Network, which means that it fulfils certain criteria for content, quality and validity, accessibility, unique identification, technical capacity and administration.

The ANZCTR accepts both interventional and observational studies for registration from all countries and from the full spectrum of therapeutic areas including trials of pharmaceuticals, surgical procedures, preventive measures, lifestyle, devices, treatment and rehabilitation strategies and complementary therapies.

What is the purpose of the ANZCTR and why it is important?
The ANZCTR is part of the worldwide initiative to make public all clinical trials being conducted. The purposes of this are as follows:

  • To improve research transparency: Making details of all trials publicly available improves research transparency and helps to overcome publication bias and selective reporting, thereby enabling clinicians and consumers to make more informed decisions.
  • To facilitate trial participation: People interested in participating in a clinical trial and doctors investigating relevant trials for their patients have access to a reputable and comprehensive on-line register showing what trials are occurring across all areas of health, which may facilitate recruitment.
  • To avoid duplication: Improving awareness of similar or identical trials will make it possible for researchers and funding agencies to avoid unnecessary duplication.
  • To identify potential research areas: Describing clinical trials in progress can make it easier to identify gaps in clinical trials research.
  • To promote research collaboration: Enabling researchers and health care practitioners to identify trials in which they may have an interest could result in more effective collaboration among researchers.
  • To improve trial quality: Registries checking data as part of the registration process may lead to improvements in the quality of clinical trials by making it possible to identify potential problems (such as problematic randomisation methods) early in the research process.
Registry Location International - available to Australians
Registry Participation Voluntary
Registry Contact

If you are looking to participate in a clinical trial, then please refer to the ‘How to get involved‘ page.

For general enquiries about the registry or registering a trial, contact:
T: + 61 2 9562 5333
F: + 61 2 9565 1863

Adding New Patients to Registry

Information on how to register a trial.
Information on how to search the registry.

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