Cerebral Palsy Register


The CP Register is a database of clinical information about cerebral palsy (CP). Information collected about each person with CP includes birth details, type and severity of cerebral palsy, other associated impairments and parent demographics. There are CP Registers in each state and territory, as well as an Australian CP Register which consolidates the information and provides a national picture of CP. The Australian CP Register was launched in 2007 and will be one of the largest CP Registers in the world.

What are the aims of the register?
The main aims of the register are to:

  • Monitor trends of CP
  • Gain further understanding about the causes of CP
  • Develop and evaluate preventative strategies
  • Assist in planning services for people who have CP


The Australian CP Register will provide a national framework for research. The information contained on the register will assist with research projects that focus on causes, prevention and management of cerebral palsy. In addition, the register will generate reports on demographics, frequency, distribution and severity for government and service providers. This will enable better planning for the present and future service provision needs of people with cerebral palsy.

Registry Location Australia and New Zealand
Registry Participation Voluntary
Registry Contact

Australian Cerebral Palsy Register
T: (02) 9479 7200
F: (02) 9479 7291
E: cpregister@cerebralpalsy.org.au

New Zealand Cerebral Palsy Register
T: (09) 3074949 (ext 21898) – if calling from Australia first dial 0011 + 64 then the telephone number
E: nzcpregister@adhb.govt.nz 
W: nz.cpregister.com

Adding New Patients to Registry

How can I participate?

People with CP and their families can register in a number of ways:

  • Submit the required information yourself on the CP Register website
  • Contact your state or territory register directly by phone or email
    (phone 1300 30 29 20 or see website for your local register’s contact details)
  • Give permission for your health practitioner or education professional to register your details


Children under the age of 5 years will be contacted again after their fifth birthday, for final confirmation of details. Please notify the register if your personal details change.

Please see the website for more information