Familial Cancer Registry


This statewide (Western Australia) Registry is for people at risk of inherited cancer or familial endocrine tumour syndromes. The Registry provides clients with the following:

  • the latest information on inherited cancer
  • a reminder service for the client or the client’s doctor so that surveillance is done on time
  • a newsletter on topics of interest, new information and local research projects
  • contact with others who have had similar experiences or procedures


Who manages the Registry?

The Registry is an integral part of the Familial Cancer Program (FCP) at Genetic Services of WA.

More information can be found within the Familial Cancer Registry Brochure.

Registry Location Western Australia
Registry Participation Voluntary
Registry Contact

Genetic Services of Western Australia

E: FamilialCancerRegistry@health.wa.gov.au

Adding New Patients to Registry

Clients may be referred to the registry:

  • by their GP or specialist
  • from the Familial Cancer Unit geneticist or counsellor
  • from other family members who are Registry clients
  • self-referral when there is a strong family history


If you have questions, the Registry Coordinator or a Genetic Counsellor can assess your risk, discuss surveillance recommendations and advise if genetic testing is available.

Please see the website for more information