Western Australian Register of Developmental Anomalies


The Western Australian Register of Developmental Anomalies (WARDA) brings together two registers, the WA Birth Defects Registry and the WA Cerebral Palsy Register, under one banner to record and monitor developmental anomalies in WA.

Having a register like WARDA is very important. Approximately 1 baby in every 20 (5-6%) is born with a developmental anomaly in Western Australia and this may contribute to ongoing childhood health problems and disability and, in some cases, death.

WARDA maintains a record of babies and children who have been diagnosed with developmental anomalies before six years of age and collects information to keep track of where and when developmental anomalies are occurring in Western Australia. This information also guides research and helps to investigate causes, prevention and management of developmental anomalies.

The information held by WARDA is used to:

  • Monitor the number of cases of developmental anomaly in WA
  • Plan, monitor and evaluate services for the prevention and alleviation of developmental anomalies and the care of persons with a developmental anomaly in WA
  • Compile and publish general or statistical information relating to developmental anomalies
  • Carry out research into the causes of developmental anomalies and the effectiveness of prevention, screening and treatment services
Registry Location Australia - Western Australia
Registry Participation Mandatory - notification of developmental anomalies is required by law
Registry Contact

Senior Staff Gareth Baynam – Head

T: (08) 6458 2735
F: (08) 6458 2636
E: gareth.baynam@health.wa.gov.au

Adding New Patients to Registry

Where does the information come from?

The chief executive officer of the hospital in which the diagnosis of a developmental anomaly is made and/or the doctor making the diagnosis or caring for the patient diagnosed are responsible by law for the notification, as a result of the Health (Western Australian Register of Developmental Anomalies) Regulations 2010. Notification is required within six months of the diagnosis. Register staff gather further details from medical records and/or doctors if required. Voluntary notification is also accepted from other sources.

For Clinicians – How to notify

There are two main ways to notify WARDA of a diagnosis.

1. Use the original Notification Cards for cerebral palsy and birth defects located within your organisation or

2. Completing the WARDA Electronic Notification Card for

Additional information regarding cerebral palsy can be submitted using the Cerebral Palsy Description Form.

All forms will need to be printed off and posted to WARDA. In the future, diagnosing doctors will be able to inform WARDA of diagnoses using electronic notification. WARDA staff may contact you to ask you to provide further information.

For Parents – Can I remove my child’s information?

No, information cannot be removed from the Register. For further information, please visit the website or phone the Register on (08) 9340 2735. For independent help on any of these matters, please contact the Health Consumers Council on telephone 1800 620 780 or email info@hconc.org.au

Please see the website for more information